UltraAMP PCR Product

Sorenson의 모든 PCR 제품은 비교할 수 없는 clearity를 보장하여 Real-Time PCR 실험에 이상적인 환경을 제공합니다.

Sorenson의 모든 PCR 제품은 비교할 수 없는 clearity를 보장하여 Real-Time PCR 실험에 이상적인 환경을 제공합니다.


Purest polyproplene을 사용하여 제작된 plate와 tube는 전제품, 전 well에 대하여 "Hi-pot test" 방식을 사용하여 100% 전수검사를 실시합니다. 또한 Sorenson에서 생산되는 모든 PCR 제품은 DNase-Free, Human DNA/PCR inhibitors-Free and non-pyrogen에 대한 certification을 보장하며 타사를 포함, 현재 판매되는 모든 제품 중 유일하게 PCR Inhibitors Free certification을 제공하고 있습니다.

- 생산되는 모든 plate 모든 well에 대하여 100% 전수검사

- Thin-wall 0.2ml tubes, 0.2ml ultrastrips, 0.65ml PCR tubes

- 비교할 수 없는 clearity : purest polyproplene 사용

- RNase/DNase-Free, Human DNA/PCR inhibitors-Free and non-pyrogen

- Plate에 검정색으로 진하게 알파벳과 숫자가 인쇄되어 well 인식률이 높습니다.

- Precision-designed molds

- Highly polished surface

- Ultra-clear caps and sealing film

- SBS standard dimension

- Sorenson사의 전 PCR제품은 Real-Time PCR 실험에 이상적입니다.

- PCR, Real-Time PCR 실험

2017 Sorenson catalogue 중 UltraAMP PCR Product 부분

 UltraAMP PCR Plate

    Semi-Skirt96 Plate

• real-time Pcr compatible

• raised corners for aligning purification plates.

• skirt allows robotic handling and sample labeling

    Skirted96 PCR Plate

• compatible with most robotics, designed to sBs standards

• Low profile design minimizes condensation and evaporation

• For use with MJ research thermal cyclers and MegaBace 500/1000 dna analysis systems

• optional bar coding available

    96-Well MB Plate

• cerified for use with the MegaBace 1000 dna analysis system

• raised tube rims minimize the risk of well-to-well contamination

• rigid design minimizes warp

    96-Well 480 Plate

• optimized for the plate-based roche Lightcycler 480

• ideal for real-time Pcr

• thin walls reduce cycle times.

• sBs standard dimensions

• 100% qc

• 100 µl working volume

• optional bar coding available

    96-Well µltra Plate

• Fits most popular thermal cyclers

• slightly raised rims around wells for maximum sealing surface

• easily cut

    96-Well Fast Plate

• optimized for applied Biosystem’s fast Pcr systems

• Pcr results in 25 minutes when used with the 9800

• real-time Pcr results in 40 minutes when used with the 7500

• Low profile and thin-wall design reduce cycle times

• ultra-clear wells produce optimal signal intensity

• Fits most popular thermal cyclers

• 100 µl working volume

    384-Well NX Plate

• compatible with most robotic platforms

• designed to sBs standards

• rigid skirt for gripping by robotic plate handlers

• Minimal warp and shrinkage after thermal cycling

• optional bar coding available

    384-Well 480 Plate

• Fits roche Lightcycler 480 real-time plate-based Pcr system

• opaque wells prevent well-to-well light contamination

• White finish amplifies signal

• designed to sBs standards

• Minimized warp and bowing for robotic handling

• 30 µl working volume

• Seal with optically clear real-time Pcr film or real-time pressure seal

• optional bar coding available. sequence can be specified, 1 case minimum order quantity required.

    Bar Coded Plates

• Pcr plates are available with a low cost barcoding option. choose any bar code symbology such as 
  code 39  or code 128. Labels are resistant to many solvents, such as dMso and withstand the 
  temperature extremes of thermal cycling and freezing at -80°c. available for semi-skirt96, skirted96, 96-
  well 480, and all 384-well plates.

 UltraAMP PCR Plate Film

    Aluminum PCR Plate

• chemical resistant

• effective -80°c to + 120°c

    Clear PCR Plate S

• seals most plates

• rated from -40°c to +125°c

• Polypropylene

    Real Time PCR Plate Seal

• optically clear for real-time Pcr

• Fits most popular Pcr plates

• recommended for use between -40°c and +120°c

    Real Time PCR Plate Pressure Seal

• High quality pressure seal                

• easy positioning

• optically clear for real-time Pcr      

• Fits most popular Pcr plates

• ultra clear

    PCR Plate Silicone Sealing Mat

• Fits most popular Pcr plates

• Minimizes evaporation in Pcr and storage

• reusable up to 5 times

 UltraAMP PCR Tube & Caps

    Cap Strips

• Flat caps are ideal for real-time Pcr  

• Fit 96-well plates and µltrastrips

• caps are easy to apply

    0.2 ml PCR µltraStrips

• eight 0.2 ml tubes with dual connectors between reaction tubes and caps for added strength

• thin-wall design provides maximum Pcr efficiency

• easily cut for use as individual tubes

38790* is strip only

    0.2 ml Single PCR Tubes 

• attached cap minimizes risk of carry-over contamination

• thin-wall design provides maximum Pcr efficiency

• Fits most popular thermal cyclers

    0.65 ml PCR µltraTubes 

• thin-wall design provides maximum Pcr efficiency

• Frosted surfaces on the cap and side wall for sample identification

• Fits most popular thermal cyclers and thermal cyclers

Freeze Block

anodized aluminum Freeze Blocks maintain temperature at 0°c for one hour after freezing and provide 
a stable platform for Pcr reaction set-up. Fits 0.2 ml Pcr tubes, tube strips or 96-well Pcr plates.

DeepWell Plates

    0.65 ml PCR µltraTubes 

• 1.2 ml plates have round wells

• 2.2 ml plates have square wells

• Plates and mats have an alphanumeric grid reference for easy sample identification

• autoclavable

Reagent Reservoirs

V-Bottom Reservior

    New Dual-Basin 25 ml Reservoir

• 5 ml trough fits 4-channel pipettors.

• 10 ml trough fits 8-channel/16-channel pipettors

• ideal for a 12-channel pipettor for use with two different reagents

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